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The Image Index, below, lists all the available Ancient Images. The index is subdivided by country, and within each country is ordered alphabetically by county.
If you have a specific country of interest you can select it from the five menu links above, or you can narrow down your selection by mousing over the country links and clicking on a county/region from the dropdown lists which appear.

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Other Countries
Image Title Location County/Region Section
Mary Queen of Scots Antwerp Belgium Scottish
Men blowing carnyx Gundestrup cauldron Denmark Misc
Three Vikings in a boat Bopparve, Alva Gotland Viking
Large galley with warriors Riddare in Hejnum Gotland Viking
Snake charmer and three entwined beasts Smiss stone Gotland Viking
Gripping beast brooch ornament Lisbjerg Jutland Viking
Galley from Bergen town seal Bergen Norway Viking
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